How it works

Entrepreneurs and M&A legal firms can make their sales proposals online and digitally on DEALAG.

In the initial phase, investors and interested buyers will have access to information about anonymously offered companies 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and, if they are interested, more extensive information about virtual data rooms can be obtained, this phase is subject to prior clearance.

Read more about the functionality and advantages of DEALAG in the following text.

DEALAG was founded on the principle of „by practitioners, for practitioners“. Usability and additional value for the user are the main priorities for both the seller and the investor during the development phase. The benefits for all parties engaged are principally media exposure as well as multilingual preparation and presentation of DEALAG.

1. Added value for the seller

  • High-quality and professional presentation of the business to be sold
  • Online marketing of the business via a partner network, newsletter service and social media
  • possible offline marketing via teaser mailings to a jointly specified target group
  • no “accumulation” of interested parties for initial onsite visit, only in the concretization phase
  • There is no discontent or gossip in the running business.
  • optional access to further services through partner network with expertise and vast experience
  • For M&A law firms, the ideal complement to their own transaction process
  • reducing transaction time and improving sales opportunities  … more info here

2. Added value for the buyer

  • professional data preparation with visual presentation and company teaser as PDF download
  • virtual data room with dashboard and media library
  • virtual guided tour of the company with several participants and video conference
  • The initial visit is postponed to the concretization phase
  • cost and time savings for all parties involved
  • optional access to further services through partner network with expertise & vast experience

The corporate exchange operated by DEALAG is free of charge for interested parties.

Suppliers  please contact us via the form linked here.

The profile view of a sales offer, which is publicly accessible to every visitor, contains information in anonymized form. Here you can find the following information about the company:

– Company Overview
– Company profile
– Location
– Products
– Expertise
– Certificates and utility models
– Transaction Structure
– Transaction Process
– Download Fact Sheet

In the lower area, interested buyers can access the virtual data room of the respective company via a link, provided that the company has been activated.

At the end of the profile view of a sales offer, one can request a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) required for access to the virtual data room via the “Request NDA” button. The interested party fills out the request form completely and then sends it via the “send” button.

After verification of the information provided, the prospective buyer receives a signed NDA for the corresponding sales offer. After receipt of the signed NDA from the prospective buyer, the latter is finally activated for the virtual data room. The interested party will receive the required access data by e-mail and SMS.

After activation of the virtual data room, the interested party receives further information about the company offers for sale, divided into 3 areas:

1. Introduction

On entry, a short video is shown to introduce the company. The prospective buyer discovers which business it is about. The firm profile is given as an overview when the presentation is completed.

2. Dashboard

The dashboard is divided into 4 sections: Overview, Finance, Human Resources as well as Sales. In each area, the interested party is provided with structured, detailed information and key figures. In addition, the interested party also has the opportunity to download a summary of the content in the form of a company teaser as a PDF document.

3. Media Library

The media library contains visual information about the company. The presentations take place as picture galleries, videos and as a virtual tour. With the virtual tour, the interested party is given the opportunity to make a complete tour of the company. In addition to the spatial and operational conditions, it is possible to start a tour guided by several participants with additional support of images and sound of the participating persons.

In the virtual data room, the contact person can be seen via the “Contact person” button at the bottom. A first contact to the company takes place exclusively via the contact person of the respective provider!

For other questions, DEALAG is available via the menu item Contact contained in the main navigation.

The further continuation of the transaction requires the handling of strictly confidential documents. In order to make this information accessible to the prospective buyer, the latter contacts the designated contact person of the respective company offered for sale. If interested parties are qualified and have provided their consent, they can then seek additional activation for an externally set up data room.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the DEALAG GmbH team. Please use our contact page or call us on weekdays between 9 am and 5 pm on +49 (0)2161 / 56 39 326 – we look forward to hearing from you.