The purchase or selling of a business is a complex issue that needs meticulous planning in order to be completed successfully. In order to create the parameters for the successful transaction process for all parties involved. DEALAG provides you with access to the corresponding partner network for the following topics.

As a provider or interested party on DEALAG, you benefit from and participate in our partners’ expertise and many years of experience.

Finanzierung Financing designed specifically for your investment

You’re a buyer in need of sufficient funds to complete your planned transaction? Our long-term, knowledgeable partners are experts in this industry. A tailored and implementable finance strategy will be designed in accordance with your anticipated investment. After jointly defining the strategy, our funding partners creates a template-ready concept, which is used in negotiations with potential investors.

Our partners actively accompany you in the implementation of the finance strategy until you attain your financial target. Please contact us for additional information.

M&A Process support for investors

A successful company sale, from the seller’s perspective, necessitates expert planning and execution of the transaction, as well as ongoing support from an experienced M&A specialist. The activity of the M&A agent begins when the seller decides to sell his company. The goal of accompanying an investor process is to keep the transaction process’s throughput time as short as possible, to keep workflows efficient and constantly optimize them, and to maintain transaction costs as low as possible. The fundamental goal of each transaction is to close the deal successfully, which is accomplished with the help of an M&A specialist.

To accomplish this, we use our partner network to provide sellers with sufficient expertise and many years of experience in this area. Please contact us for additional details..

M&A Insurance during and after the transaction process The buyer and seller have specialized warranty insurance (M&A insurance) at their disposal to reduce the risks of a corporate transaction. In this instance, the risk to both parties is lowered to a reasonable level not only during, but also after the company is sold. The scope of the project and the services included are tailored to the specifics of the transaction.In addition, our partners in this field can examine existing contracts for the security of tangible assets in order to avoid services that may not be covered. It is also possible that the buyer will be supported in the future for the exclusion of insurance gaps at his request.

If required, we are delighted to offer our partner network’s expertise and many years of experience. Please contact us for additional details.

Vertragsgestaltung Due diligence, evaluation and contract

Due diligence (DD) is divided into subject areas and is required for the purchase of a company (business, HR, legal, finance, tax DD, etc.). The buyer’s research and tests are more extensive when the company to be purchased is larger and more conplex.

The acquisition price, which is usually determined through a company valuation, is the deciding factor in the success of each deal. There are several valuation procedures that can be used to arrive at the best  marketable purchase price. The writing of the objects, conditions, and terms in a purchase contract, which has legal validity by signing the parties involved and leads to the close of the deal in connection with payment of the purchase price.

It requires a high level of expertise and many years of experience to meet the conditions outlined above and to create the conditions for a successful closing. We act as a mediator for the parties involved in these areas with the help of our partners (auditors, lawyers, M&A experts, etc). Please contact us for additional details.

Steuer Support from auditors and tax consultants

The tax law consideration is a critical aspect of purchasing a business. The buyer of a company or shares in a company (share deal) and the buyer of individual assets (asset deal) are not prepared to take on tax risks. An assessment in the form of a tax due diligence is required in order to detect any risks that persist from the past at the time of the acquisition of the company

– establishing a compliance status,

– tax provisions, receivables, and liabilities are determined,

– risk assessment in terms of taxes, as well as

– all other tax aspects relevant to the transaction.

On request, our partner network with relevant expertise and years of experience is also available to the parties. Please contact us for additional details.